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Update on USACE Red Run project

July 23, 2017

The United States Army Corps of Engineers plans to create an L shaped earthen structure near Ryan Road and Dawson Drive by the Red Run bridge in Warren, Michigan.

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The flood plain by the Red Run bridge is 615 ft – click on link



Where is everything – in relation to the Flood Plain elevation – at Ryan & Dawson   ?  

NOTICE the elevation of the sidewalk on corner of Ryan & Dawson = 617 ft


L shaped structure.jpg

Detailed Sculpting.jpg


Now riddle me this – what is the elevation at the bottom of the Red Run – where the main stormdrain empties into the channel – – and starts to backfill as the water level rises ????

Ryan Road stormdrain Red Run Channel.jpg

When the water level nearly touches the bridge as it has several times in the past – THAT pipe is completely submerged, under water, – and the water begins to back up, surcharge – gets BLOCKED – and begins to spill into the ground , via cracks in the 50 year old pipes.

Surcharge Description


Our basements are BELOW that 615 flood plain elevation – they begin to FLOOD.

Numerous neighbors have had this issue,  multiple times in the past.

FIX IT  !!!  – We bought home thinking engineers designed correctly – THEY DID NOT

It is easily proven, yet no one takes the initiative to fix sewage overflow channels like the Red Run in Macomb County – because the water comes from OAKLAND COUNTY sewers.

The Drain Map.jpg

Candice Miller, Mark Hackel, and others in Macomb County are acutely aware of the flooding situation in Warren – and refuse to hold OAKLAND COUNTY accountable .

Everything nearby flows into the Red Run drain, including the Centerline area.


Centerline SSO Path.png

Starting to get a feel for the elevation issue at hand – Ryan Road at Dawson is low  !!

Quickie elevation overview.jpg

The neighborhood of northwest Warren, Michigan

Detailed neighborhood view.jpg


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