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Clinton River pinch point

October 17, 2017

The Clinton River definitely involves LARGE water volume from the 12TownsDrain. The river merges with tributaries from Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills, etc. towards a pinch point near Fraser. The USGS has a gauge, measuring various items near Garfield Road, just south of Clinton River Road.


USGS Gauge Fraser.png

Last week , Oct 8th – Oct 15th, SouthEast Michigan accumulated a bit of rainfall. This can easily be shown by the Clinton River doubling in height, literally twice, as shown by the measuring equipment from the USGS.

Clinton River October 2017

I will not insult anyone, but instead leave it up to my readers/viewers to debate the information shown on the MDEQ website regarding the Combined Sewage Overflow amounts. I’m at my wits end, attempting to understand the OUTPUT VOLUMES in millions of gallons from the 12TownsDrain aka GWK Retention Basin Facility.

Please look hard at the rainfall precipitation – and – the volume

Enlarge the pic below,  or download your own screenshot,  from the link above


I have a basic understanding of rain variables – they are highly dynamic !

Location / Intensity / Duration / Frequency

It can rain like hell on one side of the street and not the other, then switch, or stop.

What I have trouble with,  is the HUGE amount of time it takes to present the public with the information from the MDEQ  website (often several days before it gets posted completely ) and the formulation of the Volume amounts.  The weatherman on the nightly 11:00pm news tells me how much it rained that day.

WeatherUnderground lets people see the private weather stations with rain gauges


I ask the MDEQ to come clean regarding the Volumes of CSO and how they are obtained. Tell the public the formulation, the procedure, the operation , for the GWK Facility. Is it a number that is in effect – Backed Into ? – after the rain stops ?. Perhaps calculated with some “Height”  x  “Width”  x  “Length”  inside the underground basin box ?

Is the combined sewage overflow MEASURED with actual instrumentation; or merely figured out with a best guess, approximation, estimation, calculation – after the fact  ?

This Blog started back in July 2011. I’ve been at this a while, and I wouldn’t attempt a guess at the CSO volumes the MDEQ reports for the GWK Facility  – I’m stumped .

My gut tells me it’s a calculation. Amount impervious surface, rainfall, duration, etc.

The true ACTUAL water volume that comes out, from under Dequindre Road, into the Red Run Drain is a mystery to me as well. The Henry Graham Drain, the North Drain Pipe, the Pollution Control Facility Outlet Weir, the South Drain Pipe and the Walker Relief Drain all empty onto a concrete slab at elevation of 597 ft above sea level for the open ditch, by Dequindre Rd & Chicago Rd.  in Warren, over in Macomb County.

Perhaps the newer technology SCADA equipment – (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) will aid MACOMB COUNTY Public Works in getting answers to the Public.





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