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Resilience in Macomb County ?

October 28, 2017

Does the County of Macomb demonstrate resilience ?  Resilience is that ability to maintain or recover functionality in the event of a disruption or disturbance. Resilience requires thinking, planning, foresight, on a number of levels across many disciplines.

FLOODING in Warren – why yes, of course it happens, frequently, and often  !!


I am not a religious guy, do not attend church, and have zero affiliations.  I think it is absolutely wrong for any county or city to “expect” religious groups to be the First to aid, help, rescue, provide relief, in a time of disaster like a flood scenario.

A crisis often involves rushed thinking, which often overlooks issues, that need to be solved in a timely manner. There needs to be dedicated anticipatory thought, to highlight the shortcomings, to pre-plan so to speak, long before a crisis actually occurs. Resources are often scarce during crisis, and brainstorming before hand can eliminate part of the wasteful processes.

Past severe weather events are exactly that, in the past  ! Focus must be on the future crisis that have yet to occur and that demands critical thinking to occur now, during peace and quiet. Water knows no boundaries of man, no line on a map, it flows based on topography. Unfortunately man has intervened and force-fed water to various areas , often based on politics.

The MDEQ certainly isn’t able to tell anyone the cumulative total of gallons that enters the City of Warren from Oakland County  – because it simply isn’t measured by equipment. The combined sewage overflow (CSO) entering the Red Run Drain from the South Oakland County Sewage District System (SOCSDS -12Towns) –  just doesn’t include all the drains.

Do people generally fill things from the Top or the Bottom ? Sounds like a simple question.  Direct,  straight forward,  to the point,  not terribly complicated. When something is filled from the bottom, it is generally PUMPED in, under pressure. It has to –  to overcome the atmospheric pressure pushing down on it. Does any city pressurize its street drainage system – of course not, that would be foolish you say ?

Pressure at the bottom

When is the last time you dove, underwater, to a depth of 10 feet, maybe 20 feet  ?  Remember the pressure on your ears, lungs, etc.  ?  The exact same thing happens to Open Channel Stormdrains when they are full to the top in Macomb County.


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