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Consolidate Gas Electric Water as one ?

January 5, 2018

Be wary of private investors in the USA seeking to move towards a true Energy Monopoly, consolidating your electric, natural gas and water into 1 private utility company.  The shortfalls in municipal infrastructure investment are driving new configurations of energy.  Private players are poised to capitalize on struggling water and wastewater utilities.

In 2017 an entity known as Eversource Energy planned to acquire Aquarion Water in a $1.7 BILLION dollar proposal. Eversource was already New England’s largest energy provider of natural gas and electric. The service territory covered 3 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The EPA Violations of Michigan indicate a need for infrastructure investment. Federal funding for water infrastructure has waned putting the financial burden upon states.

EPA Violations

Over the next 10 years , American municipal utilities need $ 532 BILLION dollars in capital, to fix combined sewer overflows and deteriorated piping networks.

Stormwater is a major source of pollution in the USA. Stormwater is NOT clean water to begin with and it gets worse when antiquated sewer systems overflow. “Everyone
pollutes. Everyone enjoys the benefits of clean water. Everyone should pay.”  a quote from Michael Curley in the December 2017 edition of Water Finance and Management.

Planners have to fit projects within many constraints, between the rate increases, and
the requirement to modernize our water and wastewater utilities.  Analysis is very different from fire-fighting multiple crisis, and the focus must be on strategic insight for true value-added benefits.

No one really cares who is the Excel Ninja. The true power exists in visually mapping relationships and dependencies between projects. Understanding the shared resources, sequencing, and logistics yield the real, true, cost structure.  There must be so called “simulations” involving the budgetary iterative processes of planning.

The problems involve so much more than just throwing money at them  !!!  The absolute nonsense of an invisible boundary between counties needs to be RE-evaluated. Those at a higher elevation DO NOT get to dump upon those below them.





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