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Honesty in reporting on MDEQ Maps

January 8, 2018

Having honesty and integrity is paramount to providing info to the public. The sad fact is that there has NOT been much testing, of the Red Run Drain in the last few years, even the past decade. Perhaps politicians were tired of hearing the truth, repeatedly, as bad news hurts, and usually hurts their careers and attempts to re-elected.

When I had an email about a NEW and IMPROVED pollution map, I’m was excited. That excitement lasted about 15 seconds…..and then I saw the truth firsthand, and cried. We are fast approaching 2020+ and MDEQ wants to pull a “”snow job”” on us, very sad.

New and Improved.png

The harsh reality – nothing had been updated on the Red Run Drain, no NEW tests, no NEW information, in fact, – it’s over 10 years out-of-date.

The Pollution Mapper.png

ALL those white dots by The City of Warren along Red Run Drain area , indicating Ecoli monitoring sites,  were from 1999/2004.  There was zero new information/testing. I doubt anyone has actually walked-down-the-banks of the Red Run and done anything lately.

BeaverCreek Sterling Heights

Red Run Sterling Heights

Bear Creek Bridge Warren.png

Red Run Bridge Warren

Red Run Ryan Road.png

Red Run Madison Heights.png

Bear Creek

I’ll call it like I see it. The MDEQ is attempting to appease public concern over Ecoli – and failing when it comes right down to it. The MDEQ really is NOT on top of its game, to inform the public about the timing, occurrence, and exact location of Ecoli .

This spring 2018 – it will rain hard , we’ll have combined sewer overflows (again) , and nothing will have truly changed, whatsoever. The beaches WILL be closed (again) and the true culprits will go free, un-fined, no slap on the wrist, no nothing at all.

What will it take to SOLVE the Ecoli problem –  actual riots demanding heads roll   ?  Maybe some should lose their jobs, be demoted, sent home to re-evaluate it all.


Macomb wants to promote Clinton River canoe/kayaking, ESPECIALLY when the sun comes out,  after a huge rainstorm – BUT can it really , with sewage in the water flow ?


It’s time to demand Oakland County change its ways for SEWAGE and Stormwater.  We , over here in Macomb, can not actually allow, another 100 years of this to continue. Our property, our families, and our recreation should be without sewage upon us.




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