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Great Lakes Surfers monitor water

March 14, 2018

“The surfing community has been helping us to collect water samples and monitor recreational areas,” says Tully, “sharing information of what they see on the water, which is great because they tend to go into more isolated and less traditional areas than those swimmers and beachgoers use.

Surf the Great Lakes – OH YES most definitely  !!!!

People like Kayakers, SUP, Canoeists, Surfers are the ones on and in the water. They SHOULD be able to submit water samples and get them analyzed.  Local citizens who walk outdoors SHOULD collect samples from local Open Channel StormDrains for evaluation – and the EPA/MDEQ should encourage this !!!


Call it Citizen Science, call it whatever your heart desires, it needs to be done because the Great Lakes are FRESHWATER – the one thing , in extremely short supply,  on this entire planet.

FRESHWATER is NOT infinite, that idiotic saying of Dilution is the Solution never really worked and needs to be thrown away – forever.  The Chemicals linger, persist, and never go away. The pollution via plastic, pharmaceuticals, petroleum manufacturing, etc., etc are always constant threats to millions of citizens on a daily basis in the Great Lakes region.



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