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Choosing the right words

April 1, 2018

Metaphors make complex concepts easier to digest, they inevitably simplify, shape, and distort our perceptions of these concepts, changing our thoughts in ways that we are not aware of.” A quote from a recent article, by Steve Rathje :

People STILL today, use the term sewer, when speaking of rain water falling upon a man-made surface. The rain aka stormwater, fell from the sky, never touching a toilet. Depending where you live, it may be combined with the toilet waste, laundry tub, bath water, etc. – deep inside the drain piping system. It may also enter a completely unique, special pipe, just for rainwater run-off from a street, driveway, parking lot, etc. etc.

DO YOU USE THE WORD SEWER – when speaking about rain water ? – WHY ?


The word “sewer”  brings the connotation of toilet waste along with it. If someone said the “rainwater drain” from over there, flows into the Clinton River, you might think it’s better, cleaner, more pristine, perhaps. The sad fact is that Oakland County does have a combined sewer system that often overflows into the Clinton River via the Red Run Drain. This can not be allowed to continue  !!  We must force changes in the laws concerning “”treatment”” of toilet waste in Michigan and force Oakland County to evolve.

GWK Drainage System

GWK Drainage System



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