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Critical Areas Red Run

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Condition Red Run 2008

Condition Red Run 2008






















The potential critical source stressor areas include: urbanizing areas ,
stream tributaries with high peak flows; construction sites;
exposed soil areas; combined and sanitary sewer areas with overflows
or problematic treatment works; agricultural areas; roads / crossings ,
roadside ditches; residential lawns; illicit discharge areas
(e.g. older urban areas); areas of failing septic systems;
superfund sites or historic landfills; industrial areas;
enclosed storm drains; contaminated sediment areas;
waterbodies with control structures (e.g. dams);
lower portions of the watershed
(e.g. Clinton River East and Red Run).

Critical current impact areas include: lakes, wetlands, natural areas,
lower portions of the Clinton River mainstem and watershed,
middle portions of the Clinton River mainstem and watershed,
Paint Creek, Stony Creek, East Pond Creek, and the
Lake St Clair Direct Drainage Subwatershed.

Of high concern are the Clinton Main, Clinton River East,
and Red Run Subwatersheds.
Three other subwatershed management plans :
(Clinton River East, Red Run, and Lake St. Clair Direct Drainage)
deal with degraded fish and wildlife populations by directly
addressing habitat and natural features .
The main focus of the management plan is to address stormwater issues.

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