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PCB’s & Heavy Metals in Red Run

A 2005 MDEQ report documenting water chemistry conditions discussed
conditions on the Plum Brook and Schoenherr Road, the Spencer Drain at
Chicago Road, the Big Beaver Creek at Ryan Road, and the Red Run Drain
at M-53, 14 Mile Road, and 15 Mile Road.
Sediment chemistry was also sampled at the 14 Mile Road location.

Documented problems include elevated dissolved solids at all locations,
at the 14 Mile Road location- filamentous algae and macrophytes.
The sediments at the 14 Mile Road site had excessive
mercury concentrations and elevated lead and zinc.

Persistent problems at the Bear Creek at Van Dyke Road sites
and in the Red Run Drain at Utica Road sites found :
elevated nitrates, phosphorus, E. coli in the water column, elevated heavy metals,
PCBs, organic chemicals, and E. coli in the sediment
The Red Run site included the presence of oil and grease / petroleum hydrocarbons.

When there are major releases from the Kuhn retention facility with Millions
of gallons rushing along the river bed and stream banks, this material gets
knocked loose and flows into the Clinton River and on to Lake St. Clair.

The latest trend on the Clinton River indicates that the river
(and its tributaries like the Red Run) are becoming more responsive to rainfall
by exhibiting higher peak flow rates and increased ‘flashiness’.

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