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Successful Town Hall Oct 2,2017

Video of the town hall meeting held October 2, 2017 at MacRay Harbor

It was a packed house, with almost every seat occupied, and people standing as well.

People could step-up, grab the microphone, and ask questions to the MDEQ panel.

It was well attended by politicians and members of the press/media.

The event raised awareness and elevated the need for infrastructure funding

Packed House




Clinton River Delta

Boaters of all types – Beware – construction on South side of the Harley Ensign Boat Launch, as the Clinton River Delta dumps sediment into Lake St Clair.

Frankly, this is a bit disturbing, based on the FACTS. Click on the link below : 

The International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR)
is a scientific organization made up of researchers.

IAGLR article , as seen September 13, 2011 :

~ “””over a half-century worth of sediments of significant polluted
sediments appears to be preserved below depths that have been remediated.
When these polluted sediments are stirred up by storm and boat activity,
they might be carried out to Lake St. Clair where much of the Detroit area
receives their drinking water and about a third of all Great Lakes fish are caught“” ~


SouthEast Michigan Water Infrastructure

SouthEast Michigan must invest in water infrastructure
Stories will continue to unfold in this Sunday’s Detroit Free Press  

View as the Clinton River delta enter Lake St Clair,

right by Harley Ensign Boat Launch, and popular Metro Beach


The truth about sewage overflows

Direct from Candice Miller , concerning recent sewage overflows into Clinton River


EPA Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

A while back the EPA attempted to determine infrastructure needs in the USA.


In 2012 the CWNS survey for the USA determined
Total Needs: $271 billion
Wastewater treatment repairs, combined sewer overflow corrections, etc.

Lets focus on SouthEast Michigan and the number of Waste Water Treatment Plants


You can see that Macomb County has 3 distinct unique Waste Water Treatment Plants while Oakland County has only 1 in a very densely populated area of the county. Long long ago Oakland County decided to dance around the issue, instead of tackling it head on, and actually truly building a WWTP,  it went with a retention basin, the GWK.




Only now , in late 2017 is Oakland County slowly turning the corner on clean water

The new facility serves Auburn Hills, Independence Township, Lake Angelus, Lake Orion, Oakland Township, Orion Township, Oxford Township, the village of Oxford, Pontiac, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Waterford Township and West Bloomfield Township.


Pontiac stands out the solo , single, true WWTP in SouthEastern Oakland County


Investment needs.jpg






Monday Labor Day Storm

Another rain storm is upon us for Monday, Labor Day, September 4, 2017

IMG_20170904_172011 (1).jpg

Pretty sure we’ll get dumped upon, heavy rain and wind, as the front moves through tonight for the dinner hour.  BBQ plans might get disrupted.


Radar KDTX.jpg

Looking like 6:00pm for areas like Warren, Michigan

IMG_20170904_174742 (1).jpg

No doubt the guys at the GWK Retention Basin are gearing up for some “treatment” of combined sewage overflow , as water volume spills over the weir into the Red Run.

KDTX_20170904_181521 (1).gif

You can see the time stamp scroll by via the captured images on PYKL radar

I have always been curious about weather, and why it rains in some places more than it does in others. The radar screens give us a glimpse into Mother Nature.

As we approach 7:00pm, the storm appears to be weakening as the rain slows.





Rain storm Aug. 28, 2017

The Red Run watershed area experienced heavy rainfall around 7:00pm Monday night. 

A few pictures and video were taken by me, dressed in full rain gear, from FrogToggs®. Remember this flow is primarily from OAKLAND COUNTY, entering Warren from the underground GWK Retention Basin Facility in Madison Heights. 

The large stormdrain in the side of the bank, under the bridge, is RAIN from the neighborhood streets and Ryan Road. Any combined sewer overflow came from cities in Oakland County. 


Work Red Run at Ryan Road

Warren, Michigan in Macomb County

—  Permits come from OAKLAND  – –

Coordinates of project in Warren, Michigan

Dawson Drive & Ryan Road Bridge

Update  “Hydraulics of Red Run”

—  ie. make the water flow better – –

USACE in Warren on Red Run

I feel sorry for residents of Warren living on Dawson Drive near the Red Run Drain. They bought houses with a view of some nature along the banks of the Red Run.  Now all they see is a massive dirt wall from a recent USACE project. The sightline of trees, off in the distance, is destroyed. 
These Macomb County residents in Warren suffer, due to the wishes of Oakland County politicians like LBrooks Patterson, pushing stormwater and sewage overflow, under Dequindre, via the 12TownsDrain system.


Looking Back in Time – 12TownsDrain

The Internet has a wayback machine, really it does  !

Premarc 1

Premarc 2.jpg

Premarc 3

Another from the archives  – page 30 of PipeLine Magazine 2007 3rd Quarter





Northern Pipe.jpg

Update on USACE Red Run project

The United States Army Corps of Engineers plans to create an L shaped earthen structure near Ryan Road and Dawson Drive by the Red Run bridge in Warren, Michigan.

Title Block

File Path

The flood plain by the Red Run bridge is 615 ft – click on link



Where is everything – in relation to the Flood Plain elevation – at Ryan & Dawson   ?  

NOTICE the elevation of the sidewalk on corner of Ryan & Dawson = 617 ft


L shaped structure.jpg

Detailed Sculpting.jpg


Now riddle me this – what is the elevation at the bottom of the Red Run – where the main stormdrain empties into the channel – – and starts to backfill as the water level rises ????

Ryan Road stormdrain Red Run Channel.jpg

When the water level nearly touches the bridge as it has several times in the past – THAT pipe is completely submerged, under water, – and the water begins to back up, surcharge – gets BLOCKED – and begins to spill into the ground , via cracks in the 50 year old pipes.

Surcharge Description


Our basements are BELOW that 615 flood plain elevation – they begin to FLOOD.

Numerous neighbors have had this issue,  multiple times in the past.

FIX IT  !!!  – We bought home thinking engineers designed correctly – THEY DID NOT

It is easily proven, yet no one takes the initiative to fix sewage overflow channels like the Red Run in Macomb County – because the water comes from OAKLAND COUNTY sewers.

The Drain Map.jpg

Candice Miller, Mark Hackel, and others in Macomb County are acutely aware of the flooding situation in Warren – and refuse to hold OAKLAND COUNTY accountable .

Everything nearby flows into the Red Run drain, including the Centerline area.


Centerline SSO Path.png

Starting to get a feel for the elevation issue at hand – Ryan Road at Dawson is low  !!

Quickie elevation overview.jpg

The neighborhood of northwest Warren, Michigan

Detailed neighborhood view.jpg

USACE starts Red Run elevation project

The USACE starting dumping large quantities of dirt by Dawson Drive and Ryan Road, near the bridge that many cross over , coming to and from the Warren Community Center.  Apparently it started on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 according to nearby resident. A few pictures and additional info is viewable by scrolling down this posting.

The FLOOD PLAIN elevation is 615 ft above sea level , by the actual bridge itself. Ask yourself,  what is your basement laundry drain (spillover drain, in the floor) elevation ? The pipe where the flood came into your homes. Link describes the back-ups into houses.

A while back, a few of us residents in Warren by the Ryan Road – Red Run Bridge area received a letter from the United States Army Corps of Engineers regarding changing the elevation of the banks of the Open StormDrain Channel in Warren. The contractor was to be RBV Contracting, Inc.

“”A proposed work schedule would be a November 2015 start date with a July 2016 finish date.  Most likely start clearing trees in November 2015, and depending on cold/frozen ground, either continue to work in the winter to have everything completed by the spring 2016 or wait until low flows in the May-July 2016 time frame to do the final work.”

Charles A. Uhlarik
Chief, Environmental Analysis Branch
US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit
477 Michigan Avenue
Detroit MI 48226-2550

The Letter

After the July 4th, 2017 holiday – the dirt began to be dumped by the Red Run

Warren Community Center.jpg

Heavenly Lane.jpg

Ryan Road Bridge View.jpg

Red Run Drain View A.jpg

Red Run Drain View B.jpg

Large Open Lot.jpg

Bulldozer  1.jpg

Bulldozer  2.jpg

Bulldozer  3.jpg

Notice the 615 elevation line, and the red highlighting (enlarge/zoom the pic if necessary)

Flood Plain Elevation.jpg

According to the USACE via email on Aug 31, 2015

“The berm placement is not for flood prevention. The proposed project is bank excavation to reduce the bank steepness (slope) along 1,100 lineal feet of existing drain bank.  The bank has slumped and discharged sediments into the drain which will affect the end area of the drain and the ability of the drain to adequately discharge flood waters. Approximately 29 cubic yards of sediment will be excavated per lineal foot of drain to reduce the bank steepness and minimize the likelihood of a future bank slump. The toe of slope at the water line will be armored with rock to minimize scouring.  All excavated material will be placed above the 100 year floodplain elevation of 616.4. About 16,000 cubic yards of excavated material will be placed into a reconfigured berm north of the work area and 3,600 yards placed in an “L” shaped configuration at the Ryan Road site located at Ryan and Dawson intersections. Neither of the placement areas are designed as flood protection berms but are sediment placement areas within the drain right of way.  In fact, the excavation to reduce the bank steepness will provide additional flood storage capacity estimated at  about 4 acre feet within the 100 year floodplain. The proposed project has not increased the drainage area of the project or changed the co-efficient of runoff for overland drainage from the right of way.”

Charles A. Uhlarik
Chief, Environmental Analysis Branch
US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit
477 Michigan Avenue
Detroit MI 48226-2550

Frankly – its odd – as the stormdrains by Dawson and Ryan are under 615 ft elevation

StormDrain Detail Ryan Road.jpg

When the water level comes up – the stormdrains are submerged – under the water line ?

Take a LONG HARD LOOK at the water finding its’ level when it rains hard

—-click on the link — it is different than the pictures you see —–

Lateral Drain Red Run Bridge.jpg

Best of luck to everyone, hopefully Warren residents have fewer flooded basements as we move towards 2020 and beyond. Protect yourself with the “proper” insurance riders on your policy. A wet flooded furnace blower motor and washer/dryer could set you back thousands of dollars $.

What did FEMA tell your family  ?  Where are the maps updated, revised, modified to reflect reality of the past 20 years of rain events and wet basements ?

Flood Data.jpg

The Flood Area Warren.jpg

Great Lakes in trouble

It is now 2017, and the Great Lakes are still in peril.  Too much pollution exists.

Lake snapshot

Sewage overflow into the Clinton must stop – from Oakland County and Macomb

We all live downstream, from someone else. Water flows on topography/geography.


Please don’t be fooled by hype, spin, media advertising, etc.

The Great Lakes need help.

We must separate combined sewer systems – protect the FRESH drinking water.



Normal water usage in households

There is a term used by water professionals : residential gallons per capita per day

Often is it abbreviated as R – GPCD .  The average for Metro Detroit = 65 gal/day

We live in Michigan – THE premier FRESH WATER spot of the United States

Clean fresh water needs to be protected from improperly overflowing sewer systems, and the old, outdated, archaic regulations of yesteryear need NEW court orders to raise the bar higher  !

How much water does your household put in the stormwater/ sewage drains ?

Realize a LOT of water use, involves groundwater, rain percolating thru the soil. That is why the stormwater sliding off oily parking lots, industrial parks, fertilized lawns, etc. is a major pollution issue all across SouthEast Michigan.

Water Useage.jpg

Macomb Water Useage.jpg

Macomb Public Water.jpg

Ecoli in open environments

The family of Enterobacteriaceae includes Ecoli and Salmonella. The two species resemble each other in many ways. Salmonella just has more genome complexity.


The data from various studies proves E. coli can persist in wet environments. Beach sand, aquatic plant life, stormwater channel dirt and vegetation, etc., etc.

Keep in mind Ecoli lives INSIDE of a host, a human, waterfowl, mammals. The temperature is fairly constant, along with moisture and other variables.  When feces makes it into the stormwater – via combined sewer overflows – it all changes a great deal.

Why focus on Ecoli – because some types of it are very harmful to humans. One particular pathogenic type ( E. coli O157:H7 ) , is a verotoxigenic (VTEC),  causing worldwide mortality.  More than 150 types of verotoxin-producing E. coli have been found.

Ecoli likes it wet, moist, damp, the exact situation involving Open Stormwater Channels. Some E. coli strains produce filaments that extend from the cell surface and help cells to attach to plant surfaces. Specifically, E. coli may access roots or leaf surfaces by splashing during rainfall or high strong Open Stormwater Channel flow.

Growth and survival of E. coli in open environments, strictly involves the availability of nutrients – provided by sewage overflow events. If these events are back-to-back, frequent strong thunderstorms, then the Open Stormwater Channels remain wet, and full of nutrients. E. coli strains often show a high degree of flexibility, giving them an advantage in the secondary habitats – such as soil and water.

E. coli can enter a ‘dormant’  state.   This can be triggered when the Ecoli cells feel stressed, perhaps when it gets to Starvation Mode. Scientists are still studying this mode. E. coli populations under complex natural conditions are not accurately predictable .

The conditions for survival of E. coli in sand/soil, feces and water are considered to be less favourable –  than in the intestinal system of their original hosts – humans, waterfowl, etc.  There is PLENTY of real world, actual outside, research to be done.


Sidewalks by Ryan and Chicago in Warren

For the last 50 years, no sidewalks have existed linking residents on the north side of the Red Run Drain , towards Halmich Park in Warren, MI.  -Recently the City of Warren DID update the Ryan Road Bridge with a beautiful walkway protecting cyclists, pedestrians, strollers, wheelchairs, BUT it leads nowhere but mud, slop, high grass, etc.

Now that 2 dilapidated houses have been demolished on the West side of Ryan Road, across the street from the VFW Hall, it’s a great time to create 24/7 and 365 sidewalk access to residents.

Red Run Bridge sidewalk.jpg

MailBox Location Ryan Road

Old house driveway address on Ryan Road

Approach Chicago Road Babylon Club

Just mud, grass, wet puddles, messy walk to Chicago Road

No Sidewalk approach to Chicago Road

Driveways existed, but no sidewalks to get to Chicago Road

Demolition Houses no sidewalk

Recently demolished houses on Ryan Road

Recent house demolitions Ryan Road

Site of torn down houses Ryan Road

Babylon Club to Red Run Bridge

Corner of Babylon Club looking north to Red Run Bridge on Ryan Road

Sidewalk never existed

No sidewalk by Babylon Club on Chicago & Ryan

Beautiful Pedestrian Walkway on Bridge

Along Ryan Road towards Red Run Bridge

No Sidewalk bridge approach

Roughly 50 years, no sidewalk, pedestrian/cyclist access

SideWalk Ends

Sidewalk stops, goes nowhere

Red Run Bridge walkway NO sidewalk to Chicago Road

Walkway off bridge to nowhere

Ryan Road Heavenly Lane by Red Run Bridge

Ryan Road north of Heavenly Lane

Ryan Road north to Dawson Drive

View north to 14 Mile on Red Run Bridge Ryan Road

Separate traffic from bicycles

View south to Chicago Road on Red Run Bridge Ryan Road

Red Run Property.jpg

Location Ryan Road

House 2

USACE on Dawson Drive in Warren

USACE Dawson

I wonder if doorbells were rang and residents were asked about USACE activity by Dawson Drive in The City of Warren along Red Run in Macomb County – how many “might” have a clue what is happening ?

TAX dollars going to be spent – and so very few in Warren really get it  ????

Would any ordinary resident know about the WELLS, the INTERCEPTOR pipes, the drainage around their houses, street or neighbors ?   How do you vote on something you have zero clue is happening , in your own backyard, so to speak ?

Will it guarantee the residents at the end of Dawson Drive don’t get screwed with wet basements every time it rains due to POOR engineering decisions by City Planners  ???

When will residents be compensated for 50 years of wet basements due to water coming up from the drains , during hard rainfalls, thunderstorms, etc.   ?


32 documents of information publically viewable on the internet

Documents USACE.jpg

USACE Warren Project.jpg

Crypto in the Water ?

“Crypto is the most common cause of diarrheal illness and outbreaks linked to water play because it is not easily killed by chlorine and can survive up to 10 days in properly treated water,” the CDC added.

“Swallowing just a mouthful of water contaminated with Crypto can make otherwise healthy people sick for up to three weeks with watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, or vomiting, and can lead to dehydration.”


Even proper chlorination of pools doesn’t kill the persistent parasite. It takes an especially large dose of chlorine to eliminate it.



The Clinton River and Lake St Clair , BOTH have issues with Combined Sewer Overflows after heavy rainfalls in SouthEast Michigan.  Might want to tape your mouth shut while kayaking, splashing, cooling off – when that sun comes out – and water recreation starts.

Cryptosporidium is spread with human feces in the water.

Emergency room visits for gastrointestinal distress increase after a heavy rain. These illnesses are believed to spike after a storm because rainwater mixes with feces in Combined Sewer Overflows into local lakes and rivers used for recreation and drinking water.

Retention basins like Kuhn (12TownsDrain) rely on sodium hypochlorite
(formula NaClO) aka bleach to disinfect the massive amount of water that enters into them. Cities and municipalities pay roughly $1.00 per gallon to bulk bleach suppliers thru multi-year contracts.

Chlorine KILLS items in the water, so heavy doses means NOTHING lives in the 50 or so miles of Open Channel Stormwater drains existing in Macomb County.  Chlorine kills the aquatic plants and animals, so no fish, no frogs, no plants, no water fowl, ducks, geese, etc., etc., etc.

Road salt is NaCl , right  ? We all learned that in grade school, middle school, high school. Chloride concentration (as low as 250 mg/L) or approximately
the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt in five gallons of water
have been shown to be harmful to aquatic life.
It creates a decrease in the biodiversity found among wetland areas,
altering the development of wood frogs,
decreasing the number and types of fish available,
and increasing mortality rates of aquatic organisms.

Residual chlorine in effluent (discharge) from a Retention Basin or WWTP can be harmful or fatal to aquatic species, and ideally, effluent should contain little to no chlorine at all.

Pontiac Water Flow.png

P3 the public private partnership

Solving Water Challenges Through Partnerships
Public-private partnerships (P3s) are a means of delivering critical infrastructure. These partnerships can provide communities with some new tools to face water system challenges.


A recent summit in San Diego was attended by more than 525 public water agency and industry professionals to discuss project management, resiliency, financing, and networking for owners, system managers, and developers.

I’ve covered this topic before

A short video shows some of the highlights from the summit


Report Polluters

PLEASE call these spills/dumps into officials, alert them of any dumping –

Call 877-679-4337 at the 24hr hotline Macomb County Pollution Reports.

Any rainbow/prism, discoloration, weird smell, etc. needs attention  !!!

Thanks to Annie Leclerc from Sterling Heights for the pictures.



Flooding possible May 4 & 5th 2017

Keep alert and stay informed – protect your house and property

Flooding May 4_2017.jpg

River Graph Clinton

The CSO Game

Perhaps somebody from Macomb Public Works can explain this to me…

—perhaps they can’t  !!!

I certainly don’t see the pattern of Sewage Discharge via Rainfall amount.

Someone must know the amount of sewage associated with rainfall.

You might want to zoom in the see what  1 inch of rain  does to Red Run Drain

The CSO GAME.jpg


Water under Halmich Park

I was flipping thru some 1956 archives of Warren Michigan and noticed there was a stream connecting to the Red Run – upon the site of where Halmich Park was built.

Halmich Park Site 1956

Norman Halmich.jpg

Intense Rain Thursday April 20, 2017

The extreme hard rain dumped over an inch of rain in just a few hours in Oakland and Macomb County during the afternoon of April 20, 2017. All that stormwater had to go somewhere – the Red Run Drain .

As the Red Run Drain rose rapidly it submerged the street outfalls, rendering them almost useless, essentially surcharging them as water finds it own level.

Red Run Drain at Ryan Road 5:00pm

Click on the link above (not the picture) and you’ll see the outfall for Ryan Road and nearby neighborhood street drains about 3/4 of the way UNDER the flow of the Red Run Drain. It often becomes completely submerged by 10 feet of water as levels approach the height of the bridge.

Rising Red Run Drain.jpg

Size of the Red Run Drain

Far too many people see the Red Run Drain as insignificant, not very large, etc. Let’s jump right into some pictures showing its shape, length and depth. For all practical purposes – it is a Trapezoid – open drain channel – about 30 feet deep – for 6 miles.

Length Red Run Drain.jpg

Red Run 1.jpg

Red Run 3

Now imagine that entire channel – full to the upper edges – with stormwater – and sewage overflow from a dozen plus cities in OaklandCounty – spilling into Warren Michigan.

Red Run 4.jpg

The Calculation.jpg

For just ONE MILE of the Red Run Drain it holds about 13 Million cubic feet


Just ONE MILE represents 95 Million gallons of stormwater and sewage overflow .  The Red Run Drain easily stretches from Dequindre to Hayes entering the Clinton.

Entire Red Run Drain.jpg

Perhaps now you get a “”feel”” for the massive amount of volume that often crosses the Dequindre borderline between Oakland and Macomb Counties – threatening Macomb residents basements, property, businesses and LakeStClair shoreline.

Those 6 Miles of the open channel drain often are full, almost spilling over the banks, touching bridges, and easily represent a “snapshot” of nearly 600 Million gallons. Of course the river is a dynamic, ever changing, constantly flowing entity.

Red Run Drain – May 25, 2011

Red Run Drain – August 12, 2014

RTB permit



MDEQ behind the times

Candice Miller must put pressure on the MDEQ to provide TIMELY reports

For many years now, the MDEQ has operated an antiquated, manual, hand driven (literally) reporting system of CSO and SSO events to the public. It doesn’t work !!!

It simply is not working on weekend – holidays – in the evenings – etc., etc.

Want to go kayaking in sewage overflow , swim in sewage overflow, have your dog chase a stick in the water to cool off – in sewage overflow – HOW would you know ??????

Answer = you don’t .  It is a severely FAILED SYSTEM of Public Reporting

Point Blank, without sugar coating – Get your shit together MDEQ , okay  ?


Question and Answer time


City: Warren
State: Michigan
Subject: Flooding
Message: Who actually knows the StormWater Flow occurring under the Ryan Road
– Red Run Bridge ? The USGS gauges were removed years ago. Water has
washed over the bridge deck a few times the past decade , and it will only
get worse. More stormwater flow into Red Run via I-75 expansion – —

The ANSWER   (Keep in mind exactly where I-75 is on the maps below)

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 11:29 AM, Rep. Patrick Green (District 28)
<> wrote:

Dear ______________,

Thank you for contact me in regards to flooding concerns on Ryan Rd.
My staff has followed up with MDOT regarding the issue with I-75
and received the below response:

In response to your inquiry on the flooding of Ryan Road
and the potential impacts of the I-75 project,
I have some information for you about some solutions MDOT is looking at:

The improvement should have no negative impact
on the storm water drainage system.

It will in fact be an improvement.
We are currently studying solutions to limit the additional flow
by separating out our drainage water from a
combined sewer overflow (drainage and sanitary mix).

We will reduce the impact to the Oakland County combined sewer system.
Currently the freeway drains to the Oakland County system
at numerous points throughout the corridor.
The proposed design that is being developed
will reduce access to a single location.
The conceptual design is draft,
and being designed to hold and store storm water
up to the 100 year storm (bigger than what is existing)
and then release the flow back to the GWK system (in Oakland County)
at a significantly reduced rate, via a sensor system.

We expect to separate our water from the local’s and County’s,
store it and then release at a slower rate, compared to what exists.

It will then be treated at the GWK facility,
which outlets to the Red Run Drain.
This treatment will improve the water quality.

It will be an overall improvement and benefit to the stakeholders
—motorists, County, local communities, etc.
The study is on-going and requires a lot of detailed coordination.
The improvement is scheduled for 2020.

Ryan Road itself is under the jurisdiction of the
Macomb County Road Commission,
and they can be contacted at: 586-463-8671
They may be able to provide information on the roads flooding
and the impacts of the Red Run drain.
Unfortunately, as noted in the response from MDOT,
Ryan Rd falls under the Macomb County Road Commission.

My staff followed up directly with the Road Commission raising your concerns.
They were told that it would be best to have a direct constituent complaint
to go along with the phone call our office put in.
Therefore, I would suggest calling the Road Commission
and raising this concern with them. They can be reached at 586-463-8671.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions
or if I can be of further assistance to you in the future.
Kindest regards,
Patrick Green
State Representative
District 28

Patrick Green Michigan Democrat

Flood Map Oakland Macomb.png

Dequindre Interceptor

Snyder Infrastructure Gaps

The 21st Century Infrastructure Commission created a long-term infrastructure strategy to addresses Michigan’s needs for the next 30-50 years in the areas of transportation, water, sewer, stormwater, wastewater treatment and drainage, energy, and communications.,4668,7-277-61409_78737—,00.html

Plan on your water/sewage rates to JUMP UP – as I doubt we’ll see State/Federal Aid

Investment Gaps.jpg

Governor Rick Snyder wants to lead the Nation in infrastructure planning/execution

He wants all the assets to be in a database, rely on technology to FIX the problem.

The problem IS the government itself – here take a look at this complete bullshit !

Does this inspire confidence in anyone – that anything will get done – c’mon now ?



Flood Watch March 30, 2017

The Clinton River approaches floodstage at 5:30pm in Clinton Township Macomb County on March 30, 2017. Notice the speed and intensity it rises on the graph below

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI
1141 AM EDT Thu Mar 30 2017


The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac has issued a

* Flood Watch for a portion of southeast Michigan, including the
  following areas, Lenawee, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland,
  Washtenaw, and Wayne.

* Through Friday morning

* Rainfall totals this morning have averaged between half an inch
  to one inch across the Detroit Metro Area.


ClintonRiver _5pm_03_30_2017

State Oversight for Flooding ?

It’s fairly obvious few ordinary residents have a clue how much StormWater/Sewage crosses over the DEQUINDRE borderline, between Oakland and Macomb counties. I’ll even go so far as most local City Council members and elected officials are also unaware.

Time for State Oversight – crushing an outdated failed inter-county drain board ?????

The Water Volume.jpg

The United States Geological Survey – National Map – Viewer  –

That big open BARE SPOT on the map = the 12Towns Drain area from Oakland

GWK 12TownsDrain

The MDEQ certainly isn’t able to tell anyone the cumulative total of gallons that enters the City of Warren from OaklandCounty  – because it simply isn’t measured by equipment. The combined sewage overflow (CSO) entering the Red Run Drain from the South Oakland County Sewage District System (SOCSDS -12Towns) –  just doesn’t include all the drains.

MDEQ Red Run Drain

When literally MILLIONs and on occasion BILLIONs of gallons of water enter the City of Warren via the Red Run Drain , the street drains become useless, ineffective, blocked !!

GWK outlet.jpg

Do people generally fill things from the Top or the Bottom ? Sounds like a simple question.  Direct,  straight forward,  to the point,  not terribly complicated. When something is filled from the bottom, it is generally PUMPED in, under pressure. It has to –  to overcome the atmospheric pressure pushing down on it. Does any city pressurize its street drainage system – of course not, that would be foolish you say ?

Pressure at the bottom.jpg


Surcharge Description.jpg

It seems fairly obvious that the water inflow, crosses the county borderline, causing residents in Warren grief, pain, frustration, aggravation as the Red Run Drain rises. No wonder The City of Warren has a flooding problem for many, many decades now.

The Michigan Infrastructure Transportation Association’s (MITA) so-called analysis of storm water discharges needs to do a better job !  I doubt it could tell anyone the volume that passes by any house or business in Warren – for any given storm event.

The Path.jpg

The picture below is during a dry spell – showing the depth and width Red Run

Stormwater  + (CSO)  has filled the channel, near the top, numerous times.

Red Run Drain Warren Michigan.jpg