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Red Run on Facebook

Some people may prefer to engage in discussion of issues
and share articles via Facebook social media.
Please click the LIKE button on the Red Run Facebook page.

A large portion of the recent articles I’ve written will appear there
enabling the public an alternative to the blog format here on WordPress.

I am a firm believer in readily accessible information for the masses
and encourage open discussion of issues to advance causes that benefit
the general public.

I also think clean water is a crucial resource, vital to public infrastructure,
and since government is “for the people, by the people”, citizens need to
demand continual improvement and not just apathetically settle for the status quo.

I attempt to present many various perspectives and may, on occasion,
inadvertently have missed something. Please bring it to my attention
and I’ll consider adding it to the WordPress blog and Facebook page.
I am not a professional journalist or a paid persona of government,
simply a concerned resident of Warren,MI living near the Red Run.

Rain water is the primary item in the Red Run drain;
but; rain also washes over everything else that is outside.
That includes some nasty stuff from all industrial facilities,
mall parking lots, concrete/blacktop/gravel surfaces, etc., etc.
Man is far from perfect, pipes leak, mistakes are made,
and a vigilant attitude of continual improvement is warranted.

I’m optimistically looking forward to the completion
of the Macomb County Interceptor Project in the near future.

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