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Red Run restoration

Army Corps of Engineers to Fund Restoration Effort in Red Run Drain

The US Army Corps of Engineers has updated its list of projects funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including several previously unfunded projects.

Included in the new projects is a total of $3.75 million to reduce sedimentation and improve water quality in the Red Run Drain.  The Red Run Drain is a tributary of the Clinton River.

The Corps funding, provided under the Oakland County, Michigan, Environmental Infrastructure Program, will include $210,000 for design work related to shoal removal and stream bank stabilization, with an additional $3.54 million for construction.  There is a 25 percent, $1.25 million local match requirement for the project to move forward. The Corps funding will be used for Infrastructure assistance to the George W. Kuhn Drain project, located in the SE corner of Oakland County.  The George W. Kuhn Drain system includes the Red Run Drain, the majority of which is actually located in Macomb County, so the restoration work will largely benefit areas downstream in Macomb County.

With the completion of the massive Kuhn Drain improvements a couple years ago, there has been a significant reduction in combined sewer overflows into the Red Run Drain and Clinton River.  However, there is still a significant problem with sedimentation, both in the Red Run Drain and the Clinton River itself, during heavy rain events, which has severely eroded the banks along the waterway.  Sediment in urban watersheds is a significant impediment to water quality.  The sedimentation problem in the Red Run Drain has also created shoals that impede the flow of water in the channel.

The Corps funding will be used to remove shoals in the Red Run Drain and also to perform bank stabilization projects.

“We’ve made a lot of progress on reducing pollution in the Clinton River, but there is a critical need to address the build up of sediment in the watershed,” said Rep. Levin. “Today’s announcement that the Corps will commit $3.75 million to the Red Run Drain restoration effort will substantially reduce sedimentation, open up water flow, and improve water quality downstream.”

“Because my office has worked so closely with Congressman Levin over the years, we were able to quickly respond to the President’s request for “Shovel Ready Projects”.  This project will eliminate historic pollution; restore the natural habitat; all while creating the jobs we need in Michigan.” said Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, John P. McCulloch.

“Red Run Drain is a crucial piece of the Clinton River Watershed,” said Dan Keifer, Community Outreach Director of the Clinton River Watershed Council.  “In a populated, urbanized area such as this, the project is much-needed work to restore and protect surface water quality.”

The Army Corps of Engineers will remove the shoal, or deposited sediment, and stabilize water banks to reduce the backup in the Red Run Drain during storms.

“We look forward to working with the Oakland County Drain Commission and the local communities on moving this project forward,” said Gary O’Keefe, Deputy District Engineer for Project Management for the Corps’ Detroit District. “We should have all of the Federal funds in hand within a week, so we will be ready to move forward quickly with the design contract, with the goal of moving to construction next year.”


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