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Stormwater management through retrofits

Runoff from Southeast Michigan’s existing impervious surfaces
exceed 1 trillion gallons annually
– delivering 3 million pounds of phosphorus
and 500 million pounds of sediment
to the region’s waterways.

The volume and water quality impacts include:
– Reduced water quality,
– Less groundwater recharge,
– Increased flooding and property damage,
– Decreased recreational opportunities, and
– Loss of fisheries and habitat.

Much of the storm water management activity is focused on
reducing runoff from future development.
But, future development will be limited due to the slow economy.
Thus, the most benefit in reducing pollutant impacts from runoff
would be realized from retrofitting existing land uses.

At this point there is little financial support from existing
federal or state programs for green infrastructure retrofits.
Nutrients from rural sources such as runoff from farm fields
contribute large pollutant loadings to Southeast Michigan’s
waterways including the Lake St. Clair watershed.
Within Lake St. Clair, nutrients have been identified as a problem
in the Clinton River subwatersheds, the Salt River, Marsac Creek,
Swan Creek, Beaubien Creek and Swartout Creek of Anchor Bay.
The county drains and natural waterways of Anchor Bay often
originate in rural townships where farm fields
contribute significant nutrient loadings.

Example projects:
– Green infrastructure and low impact development projects
– Green infrastructure in road right-of-ways
– Native vegetation buffer projects in rural subwatersheds

Excerpt from :
Solicitation Package for the Lake St. Clair/St. Clair River
Strategic Implementation Plan

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