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Warren and METCO tightly linked

City of Warren retained the services of METCO
to study their sewer collection system capacity
and develop flow control solutions.

James VanHavermaat was Vice-President of Engineering for METCO Services, Inc.
He supervised the design and construction of wastewater pumping systems,
collection systems, wastewater odor control facilities, and watermains
… in the City of Warren….

Warren City Council voted 5-2 on March 12, 2013 to approve a
3 year engineering contract with…. Metco Services, Inc.

Who was the City of Warren head Water Engineer when homes were built ?
Newspapers have reported :
“”Disconnection of footing drains from the sanitary sewer leads
at 15,200 homes and redirect the storm water flow to the
city’s East Trunk Sewer.””
The project is estimated at $152.6 million.

Posted: 01/22/14, 8:09 AM EST
Updated: on 01/22/2014
By Norb Franz,
The Macomb Daily

An engineering company that has designed construction projects for
Warren is a step closer to move into a city-owned office
building under an agreement approved by local officials.

Detroit-based METCO Services will pay Warren $1,099 per month
for five years to use just over 1,000 square feet of space
at the Water Division building on Stephens Road near
Schoenherr, according to lease documents.

City administrators say the arrangement will generate revenue
for the municipality from the mostly-unused upper floor
of the 2-story building.

Warren’s assessing department said comparable office space
in the area is leased at approximately $10 per square foot.
Administrators negotiated an increase to $12.50 per foot.
That amount recently was upped to $13 per foot after
the City Council initially shelved the proposed
lease last month.

The city will erect walls and install carpeting and
electrical lines, at maximum cost of $6,000 to the municipality.
METCO will reimburse Warren for one-half of the total,
in the form of rent credits during the first year.
The company will be responsible for telephone,
cable and Internet lines and charges.

Taxpayers will pay for utilities for one year or up to five
years if Warren finds a tenant for an additional 2,700
square feet within the next year.
The city also will provide building maintenance,
landscaping, janitorial service and trash removal.

“It’s not going to be that big a deal to maintain that,”
Warren Water Division Superintendent Tom Pawelkowski
told the City Council.

When the lease expires, METCO has the right to renew
it for another five years.
If Warren officials look to lease out other space
in the 7,000-square-foot building,
METCO has the first option.

Five or six company engineers are expected to work from
the firm’s new location, said Pawelkowski,
adding that city crews already do that work in the
building because water department employees occupy
the first floor and use a second-floor conference room.

According to lease agreement, METCO will be allowed to
install signs on the property with approval from Warren
officials, but no signs will be allowed on the roof,
in windows or along pedestrian walkways and the parking lot.
The company also must obtain commercial general liability
insurance with a $1 million limit for bodily injury
and property damages, and a $2 million aggregate liability policy.
The insurance also must cover the city and its elected and
appointed officers, employees, commissions and volunteers
carrying out their duties on behalf of the city.

The Warren Building Authority completed the lease arrangement
by formally approving it at the authority’s meeting on Tuesday.

METCO Services’ public infrastructure projects for the city
include the design of relief sewers on 10 Mile and 12 Mile roads.
Over the years, company officials also have contributed
to the political campaigns of candidates for city offices.

METCO President Raj Vijayendran was out of state Tuesday
and not immediately available for comment, employees said.

The engineering firm had offices up the block on
Stephens Road for several years, but left that
facility about 1 ½ years ago,
company vice president Rosana Santos said.
The building was renamed in honor of former
Warren Mayor Ronald Bonkowski in 2003,
two years after his death.

Warren began looking for a tenant as a way to make money
on the vacant space, and a manager of Warren’s
in-house engineering department suggested a
private engineering firm might be a good tenant.

After some earlier skepticism by some City Council
members about the arrangement, the council recently
voted 6-1 to approve the lease.
Those in the majority included Councilman Scott Stevens
who previously asked if the city was providing
coffee and donuts to its new tenant.
Councilwoman Kelly Colegio, the only council member who
voted against the METCO lease deal, said she
was “not comfortable” with the accord and that
Warren should not be a landlord.
“I would feel more comfortable if we didn’t take
business away from some other office in the city
that’s trying to lease their space,
that pays taxes to the city,” she said.

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