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Warren Wet Weather Connection

Warren Wet Weather Connection on the agenda
March 19, 2013
Office of the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

Mr. VanHavermaat (City of Warren engineer) via Metco
Lakshmam Thallapally, from METCO Services
on behalf of the City of Warren.

Warren has to pay-to-play
with the New Interceptor and StormWater Management

Keep in mind Mr. VanHavermaat was Vice-President
of Engineering for METCO Services, Inc.
He supervised the design and construction
of wastewater pumping systems, collection systems,
wastewater odor control facilities, and watermains
… in the City of Warren.

Warren City Council just voted 5-2 on March 12, 2013 to approve a
3 year engineering contract with…. Metco Services, Inc.

Member Misterovich indicated that the county
coordinating committee met to discuss the Warren Wet Weather Connection.
At that meeting, the drainage board’s consultant, ASI, indicated that the proposed
connection was technically feasible. There was a consensus that drainage board
would consider agreeing “in principle” the proposed warren wet weather connection
noting that there were concerns would need to be worked out.

Chairperson Gregg indicated that he was in receipt of a letter from City of Warren
Mayor, Jim Fouts (dated January 29, 2013) described the Warren Connection
background and requesting, in concept, the drainage board’s approval of the Warren
Weather Connection.

Mr. Sanzica addressed the drainage board with his concerns regarding the “buy in”
costs associated with this connection. Mr. Sanzica suggested a committee,
comprised of Macomb County and Oakland County staff, to look into these costs.
Specifically, Mr. Sanzica requested Macomb County provide a copy of the analysis
prepared by Malcolm Pirnie. Chairperson Gregg stated the final “buy in cost” and
appropriate contracting entity would need to be determined.

Malcolm Pirnie – Water Division of Arcadis!

Member Misterovich requested a list of Oakland County concerns. Chairperson
Gregg requested to receive, review, and potentially revise the Oakland County list of
concerns on behalf of OMID.

Member Misterovich made a motion to approve the request of the City of Warren to
make the two connections in concept and principle subject to being able to work out
the details.
-Motion failed due to lack of support.

Mr. Schaedig outlined the processes, challenges, and deadlines the City of Warren
has faced. Mr. Schaedig asked for a favorable review and acceptance of the
connection from the OMID Board at this time.

Mr. Gregg requested Mr. Hupp to provide signed agreements
between OMID and the two disposal districts (Clinton-Oakland and MID)
to OMID Board Members.

Chairperson Gregg stated he would draft a response letter
(on behalf of the OMID Board) to the City of Warren Mayor
stating the attempt to resolve outstanding issues
with the Warren Connections and the hope of
providing an affirmative decision.

Mr. Sanzica stated that Oakland County has concerns with regard to “buy-in” costs,
protocols for operation and maintenance of pump station and system.
Member Misterovich requested Oakland County provide a comprehensive list of
concerns. Chairperson Gregg requested to review and contribute to the list of concerns.

Motion by Member Nash, supported by Member Misterovich, to receive and file the
letter from the City of Warren dated January 29, 2013 and direct the Chair to respond
to their request by the March 20, 2013 OMID Board Meeting.

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