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Electrical Lines and Trees

April 9, 2013

Some residents of Warren have backyards adjacent to the Red Run Drain.
DTE years ago, ran the electrical lines along the fence line with telephone poles
in the corners of many peoples back yards on residential property.

The catch : Trees on the “other side” of the fences
i.e. the Red Run Drain property often break, crack, fall
on the power lines creating frequent power outages for residents.

DTE has a strict – 10 Foot Rule – for trimming near primary lines.
They will go in the backyard of a paying customer and trim the branch
or tree that is causing an issue at that particular moment.
Warren is on schedule for a “trimming” in 2014 along the Red Run Drain.

Often trees – farther than 10 feet away from the power line – fall.
DTE has never cleared a path along the power lines as part of
a preventative measures program and has no plans to do so.
They prefer to go, yard to yard to yard, of individual property owners,
instead of cutting trees on county owned land along the Red Run Drain.

An example:
Maybe they should actually clear the fence lines and power lines.
The land where the trees actually exist, belongs to the county.

Power Line Clearing

Power Line Clearing

If you have questions about the line clearance work in your neighborhood,
please call DTE Customer Service Line at 800.477.4747

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